Melting - Casting - Rolling


At ALUMAN, we employ a rigorous process at every stage of production, which ensures that the outcome meets all of our clients’ requirements and objectives. At the beginning of the production procedure, liquefaction of pure aluminium ingots takes place, using an efficient burning system (powered by natural gas).


The next stage involves the material transferred into holding furnaces. At this point, aluminium is cast in a low and continuous flow, without human intervention whatsoever. The product is filtered for oxides, further treated for hydrogen removal and then processed to the casting wheel.


This stage produces hot strip processed into the hot rolling mill, quenched in a cold-water bath and cold rolled in a cold rolling mill. Following the cold rolling process, the strip is checked online for metallurgical defects with a non-contact Eddy Current probe. At the end of the line, coils of strip of various sizes come out, to be further processed and then converted into slugs and discs.