Technical Facilities

Almost half a century ago (1974), ALUMAN installed its first production line for aluminium slugs. In the decades that followed, the company never ceased to improve, upgrade and develop its production capabilities investing in state-of-the-art machinery as well as in its human resources. Today, ALUMAN’s technical facilities consist of:

The Melting Department

A modern and up-to-date installation equipped with the most efficient melting systems in the aluminium industry.

Two Aluminium Casting Lines

Two continuous casting and rolling lines fully computerized and equipped with the latest quality control means ensuring the top quality of our aluminium strip production.

The Blanking & Annealing Department

It is here where slugs acquire their final dimensions and then undergo an optimum annealing process resulting in soft and grease-free products with extremely narrow hardness specifications.

The Surface Treatment Department

ALUMAN offers two different surface treatments: tumbling and aluminium shot blasting.

The Packaging and Palletizing Department

Fully automatic, it efficiently completes our production chain.