Recycled Aluminium

Sustainable Production

At ALUMAN, we have been environmentally conscious and supportive of aluminium recycling since our very early days. We step up to the challenge of making every aluminum recycling effort work, within and beyond our premises, and we constantly raise the bar so that the business waste we collect never goes to landfill.

Facts about Aluminium

While the first production of aluminum is indeed energy consuming, once the metal starts its life cycle, it never gets out of it. To put this in numbers, just 5% of the energy needed for first production is enough to recycle aluminium.

Therefore, it is widely accepted that aluminium is considered to be a “green metal” with a very low total lifecycle carbon emission over its useful period (which can reach many centuries). Recycling of 1 ton of aluminium saves 4 tons of bauxite (raw material) as well as 9 tons of CO2 emissions.

Environmentally Conscious

Environmentally Friendly Processes

At ALUMAN, we are committed to continuously introducing improvements in our activities, services and products, which ensure sustainable development, protection of the environment and biodiversity. Moreover, we leverage our core capabilities in order to meet society’s needs for essential modern life products, while at the same time addressing the pressing challenge of climate change. 

Responsibility for Future Generations

Our environmental policy focuses on emission-reduction plans as well as implementation of long-term technology options, which will make our planet a better place for our children and all future generations.